Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Record Breaking Run!!!

Whew, after attending my daughter's gymnastics meet Sunday night (and missing every single moment of the Super Bowl) and getting in at 12:30 am, Monday was one tough day! My legs were killing me ALL day on Sunday too. And not feeling too good Monday morning.

I ate my grown up PBandJ (which is really organic raw almond butter and not peanut butter) on whole wheat toast for breakfast and I figured I'd try a run. But the day kept getting away from me more and more. It was nearly lunch time and I thought, "I'll just try a jog, maybe at a 5 mph pace."

BUT - I got on that treadmill and took OFF! I ran 1 mile at the 6 mph pace without a "walk" interval which I always need. I've never done that before! Then I continued to run 1/2 mile intervals at the 6 mph with 1 min at 4 mph rest intervals. Finished 3.135 miles in 33 minutes for a pace of 10:33!!!!! I know that's not super fast but it is FAST for me!

For dinner I baked chicken quarters with potatoes, baby carrots, garlic and lemon (and a little butter) and it was delicious! But we were exhasted last night. So everyone went to bed early!

Today I did a 3 mile walk along with 2 sets of 15 reps of squat and press, bicep curl with lunges, dumbell rows, tricep extensions, overhead tricep extensions, hammer curls and chest flyes. Tomorrow I'm hoping for a 3.5 mile run again!

Tonight I am ready for another episode of LOST!! Anyone else following their last year? I'm super excited!!

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