Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On the Road Again

And the air. Today I flew to MD for work and evidently I am one of a select few people willing to break INTO the state this week. I was upgraded to first class on the plane, the bags came off 30 minutes faster than usual and I was actually in my rental car on my way in less than 45 minutes after landing! That NEVER happens.

A HUGE record breaking snow storm is headed to this state on Friday night. So I'm going to get the heck out of here by tomorrow afternoon. This is a nice place to visit but no place to be stuck with only 1 change of underwear!

So I tried some Whey Isolate Protein powder in my greek yogurt this morning and WOW - that's what I should have been doing. I used the strawberry and it was SO good. Much better than the banana and blue agave. I kept my eating pretty clean the rest of the day with a ham sandwich on whole wheat bread for lunch, naval orange for a snack and a Wendy's salad for dinner. Not bad for traveling.

I spoke with my daughter's teacher again today and we really think moving her to another class would be beneficial all around for her. The catch? She doesn't want to. She's afraid of what her friends will say. Now keep in mind we are talking about moving her from Honors Algebra to Advanced Algebra not some huge demotion! So we're going to wait until mid-term and if she doesn't have a solid grasp by that time, we'll make the change regardless of her opinion. I think it's just too much pressure for her and heaven knows she shouldn't have this much pressure at her age. We have years and years to get this algebra stuff down! This is the focus on the healthy mind.

Well I'm off to bed. When you stay in a hotel with only 1 treadmill in the fitness center, you have to get up pretty early to get a spot on it! Good night everyone.

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