Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I started with Greek Yogurt, ended with Velveeta

So I wake up and mash 1/2 a banana into my greek acidophilus yogurt sweetened with a little natural blue agave sweetener.

I was so proud. Then I ran 3.55 miles in 40 minutes which is a mile every 10:58 minutes! Great improvement in speed for me! Then the day went downhill from there!

So I log on to my daughter's school website to check her grades and WHOA! She's never been a straight A student but failing grades in 2 subjects??? I frantically email 2 teachers begging for conferences and then go about getting to work and getting through the rest of my day.

After hearing from both teachers, calling my mom, and discussing the situation with my husband we come to the conclusion that Honors Algebra may just be too much. So after a long discussion about switching to a different math class, reducing her gymnastics schedule and improving study habits . . . well I dove into a batch of Velveeta, salsa and tortilla chips. So I wonder if the organic greek yogurt and velveeta just cancel each other out?

LOL - well, I just need to keep making healthy changes slowly but surely where I can. And try desperately to help my 12 year old make it through middle school. Maybe she and I BOTH need to focus on a healthy mind AND healthy body!

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  1. oh my gosh, I'm NOT looking forward to my son getting that age!
    I guess I have a little while to worry about it though.

    Thanks for the input on my vegetarian post.
    And thanks for stopping by!
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