Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just getting started

So I watched Julie and Julia and wondered what in the heck this blogging stuff was all about. I'm a married mother of 1 with a highly stressful job that keeps me on the road a good bit. I don't do anything really important, but it feels stressful and takes a lot of my time nonetheless.

Working out helps relieve a lot of that stress. But sometimes it adds it as I have to make sure I get in a good work out. Perfectionist by nature doesn't always serve me well.

I have no idea what goals I really want to accomplish in life. I was watching an old Frasier re-run the other day and he asked the lady he was having dinner with "Who are you?" She responded that she was a claims adjuster or something. Frasier said, "No, what are your dreams, your goals?". And she said, "To be a senior claims adjuster." Hmmm, that's how I feel sometimes. I don't know what my dreams are anymore. Anyway - just wondering if anyone else feels the same?

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  1. Welcome to the bloggy world!! I'm glad you came by and visited at Mel's Box of Chocolates. I put in my reader so now I can visit more often and try your recipes too. Julie and Julia rocked!!